Is it deranged to visit Milwaukee just to see Pat landmarks?



Ive never liked traditional tourist spots. Eiffel tower, Sistine chapel, leaning tower of Pisa... All boring.

I liked the Seinfeld diner in new york, that was cool as fuck. I'd get the same surreal feeling from seeing Hooligans. Am I crazy? Is that a waste of a vacation?

Cuntfucker, don't respond.


He poisons himself and expects the world to die.
If you just want to eat shitty food at a dive bar and see very unique things like a zoo's reptile exhibit you can probably do that at home. I don't condone such behavior, but legitimately stalking and observing pat like a wild animal probably comes with its thrills though.

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
I was actually going to put up sex offender flyers with Dan's face on it, I told him that and he got really angry and implied he'd shoot me lol. (:ROFLMAO:) But I don't know where the fuck he lives, he has/had so many addresses.
PFG bit. Now you have to do it, just hire some local urchins all around the area to put the fliers up. Really saturate the greater Somerville area.