I try to get myself kicked off KF MEGATHREAD

Jenna Torquetega

mongoose spic queen 🔜 JenCon

1997 Toyota Tacoma used THREADBAN
Yeah, @Jerkov and @AnOminous, who post here anyway.

They deleted my post about the bathrooms at the convention center, which was the only one that actually got updoots. @Null is a Jewy, vindicitive faggot. That shit was funny.

Thanks for humoring my queerness.
They post here? My brain has been warped by having to read gencon related tranny tweets etc to fuck with Rick so maybe you’re joking..I just can’t tell anymore


severe weder!
Win-Win...if you're banned you're an OnA martyr...if they keep you around out of spite, you can double down on telling them off whenever you feel like it (kiwifarm's cuntfucker).


Power Forward for the Boston Tree People
talking about all your really good lines and all your upvotes is gay. I'm assuming you're 14 years old so you should kill yourself before it gets really pathetic

Farty, you're right, as always.
I would've killed myself already, except on account of that's @Volkov 's bit and I'm not Carlos Menstealya.
However, I will remind you that you and I need to stick together. In the original post that got me pink-triangled, I included some artwork of yours without a spolier - it was my protest that got me banned.
So Hang Dai, cocksucker.


The Fuchitive

Yours in Christ
I haven't had as much time lately to keep up with everything. Are you supposed to be Mike David, or that other Redbar guy who made Tha Tapes?

Or are you the other thefuchitive, hiding in plain sight? I'll take my answer off the air while being tired and gay.
I don't know there's like 8 conspiracy theories floating around. The only one I don't like is the one about me being Dan!