I hope he doesn't have unsupervised access to Layla


Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION
Andy nervously strode through Times Square at 3AM. "there has to be at least ONE here. Ooooh, a nigger one. Bet she has a monster cock!"

"Hey, uh, how much to get a taste of that hot she dick?"

"What'd you say?"

"I'm looking for some thicc she dick tonight, and I was hoping you'd be into it and..."


"Oh, no, no no no, ma'am, I, uh, just thought that, uh...."


"Noooo! Wait...oww, stop hitting me! Stop hitting me! Owww! Owww! Stop, please! I'm sorry!"

"Ha! Hey! Look at that white faggot over there! He thought that sister was a tranny! He wants to suck cock! And she's kicking his ass! Oh man, that's fucking hilarious!"

"Sthop! Sthop it!" Andy lisped, "this isn't your show! This isn't your show!". Andy began running as fast as he could, he needed to get back home, where he was safe. Andy ran and ran and finally found himself back in his apartment, alone and out of breath. He grabbed his Xanax bottle, opened a beer, and washed down two bars. He sat at his desk, and rage and shame began to wash over him in great waves. "If that nigger bitch recognized me as Andy Espresso and tells everyone I mistook her for a tranny, I will be exposed as a secret fag! Whatever will I do?". He logged onto Twitter under his username, Anthony Qoomia, and began lashing out in sexually repressed frustration.

"Fucking nigger savage cunt fuck slut pig" he tweeted. "They aren't people! This jungle pig attacked me, Andy Espresso, for no reason! I hate those niggers! And they lie too! They make up stories to make white heterosexual guys like me look bad! They really do! Those fucking niggers!". "There, that should cover all the bases.Oooooh! Tranny porn!"

I know this is fiction because she called him white.


Data Pagan/Cyber-Vegan
I sincerely hope he gets some sort of terminal illness that kills him slowly. Disgusting piece of shit deserves to suffer.