How about instead of going to New England you go down the road and see your daughter, Pat?


She would have blown me in 2 seconds
I remember another story starting out in a similar fashion. I don't remember the ending clearly now but it had something to do with a fat man embarrassing himself in court.
BDA has those hardy alcoholic polack genes though. Put away a quart of vodka and drove without incident across state lines. Even got pulled over by a cop for speeding and talked his way out of it in a calm and reasoned manner. Fat starts talking like Charles Nelson Reilly and getting all touchy feely with other dudes two sips into his second beer

Will Tate

It is so ordered.
I am praying he makes a trip to New England for some con in Boston that would make my year
Hello, Ted's Printing & Business Card Emporium? I'd like to place an order for 500...#PayQuasi, and it needs to have a QR code for a web address...yes, I'll be sending those right along, as well as pictures of a laughing Nigerian and a self-assured wetback...what are these for? Well, let me ask, are you a fan of Norm MacDonald?
Anywhere outside of the leftist faggot infested Massachusetts or Vermont, that type of shit will get you killed. Up in Maine, you’ll probably end up as bear shit and they’ll never find you.


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