Groomia simulcasting his shitty podcast on YouTube today


Don't thank the felon, Keith



the $83,736.99 fugitive
Probably testing the water to see if he has a home in a couple months when Compound goes belly up. Should have tried this ten years ago, moron.
he'll never last on youtube is the problem. They censor the shit out of wrongthink now. Do i believe nana has retarded high school dropout greaseball opinions on almost everything? Sure, but he should be able to stream them and show everyone how much of a retard he is.


the $83,736.99 fugitive
Hahahah this is so good, again I gotta say it, you fuckers have some legit talent
i have a shitload of stuff i never uploaded because i was running this empire of shit... I'm going to reorganize the archives and start adding all the shit i have backlogged from like 2020

which was a small part of the reason i wanted to hand over control as well.