Fix that fukkin' fence



Tomorrow is the day right?
Not clear.

On 5/31/2022 there was a reinspection data entry introduced. First scheduled for 6/30/2022, within two minutes changed to 6/17/2022. It's marked as optional in the system.

(6/17/2022 which was the original "Correct By Date" on the INSPECTION REPORT AND ORDER TO CORRECT CONDITION of 5/9/2022.)

On 6/3/2022 both hovel residents received a preinspection report noting outstanding violations.

Since then, we have no official word.

Either way, it doesn't matter when the Inspector deigns to reinspect. This is not going away and the fines will only get steeper.



Them boys would fly in the mud over my house
What is the point of the extended barrel? Gay looking if you ask me. Fat too.
Its a compensator I believe. Its supposed to help keep the gun level when shooting multiple times ina row. Absolutely retarded to have one on your daily carry. My little 9mm XDS is considered a small compact pistol meant for daily carry and its still too bulky for me to conceal in some situations. There is no reason or rhyme why pat has accessories on his guns. They dont serve any purpose. When has he ever used the flashlight?

Mikes Hard Penis AIDs

Mike's Hard Penis: AIDs
Does Belasco knows the dangerous situation he's stepping into?

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This is what you call a build.

The generic no name flashlight is a chinese one he bought on amazon for <$25, it's likely made for airsoft guns and only a retard would cheap out on a tool theyre going to use to protect their life. That piece of shit will crap out the minute 2 tyrones kick his front door in.

The compensator is just patrick compensating for his small dick. It's nothing more than a heavy chunk of chinese pot metal that makes his gun heavier. Same with the grip extender shit. it's just chinese accessories he bought to trick out his little picture taking gun. Looks like he's never even shot that glock.


Them boys would fly in the mud over my house
Same with the grip extender shit. it's just chinese accessories he bought
I bought the cheap chinese grip extender for my XDS but thats just because my pinky hangs off the bottom without it and i didnt like the lack of control without it. Pats glocks stock grip holds the pinky just fine tho. Youre 100% right. Another pointless thing.


The Lizard King
I’m not a gun guy, I don’t own any and don’t want any, but I have been to the range a few times to learn about them, and get a basic ability handling them.

Why would anyone need a compensator for a 9mm? Doesn’t that defeat the whole point of them? Making them heavy and large for literally no reason at all? What benefit could it possibly provide, who needs to help control muzzle rise and recoil for a 9mm? So many questions. I’m sure the answer is just “he thinks it looks cool”