Fat, racist pig catching more shit on Twitter

Harry's Manly Calvester

Wetting Zoomers since 2023
To get over this loss of Allie’s he needs his sexual needs met. With Pigs sure case of erectile dysfunction, I can only hope his sow of a wife tries “sounding” him with expanding foam.

Pretty sure this belongs in the faggot hate thread
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Not Mexican. Not jewish. NOT bald.😡
The left runs academia so anything inherently evil they disavow and call right wing. Never forget both Hitler and Mussolini were socialists. Italian Fascism was considered a far left movement, as was the National German Socialist Workers Party, until the leftists in academia decided they needed to distance the left from these movements.
No. And this is not the place to be making Boomer mistakes like this.

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Not Mexican. Not jewish. NOT bald.😡
These types just know it’s bad and everyone they don’t like is a fascist. Just this week US Representative Rashida Tlaib said the Supreme Court (guess she forgot the first black woman judge was sworn in this week) is made up of fascists and her idiot following took it as fact.
Well, they are faggots, so in a literal sense she’s right.
Mewler feet pics when?