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The left runs academia so anything inherently evil they disavow and call right wing. Never forget both Hitler and Mussolini were socialists. Italian Fascism was considered a far left movement, as was the National German Socialist Workers Party, until the leftists in academia decided they needed to distance the left from these movements.
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I’ve noticed that over the years, especially on the left they will call everyone they don’t like a word until it loses its sting from being overused. Racist was used for everyone they didn’t like until it just became another word. Then it was white supremacist but that’s even lost its shock value. Now it’s fascist but it’s obvious most that use can’t even explain what it means. Even calling a politician Hitler has gone stale yet at one time that was like the ultimate shock insult. But since World War 2 was so long ago and kids aren’t even learning about WW2 it’s now almost a boomer thing to call someone Hitler. I remember seeing a news report of a study on people 18-25 and they barely knew about the holocaust, what Hitler did, WW2, etc.

I think the first time I saw people comparing a politician to Hitler was Reagan’s first term. I guess by then enough time had passed that comparing someone to Hitler wouldn’t get the Jewish groups too upset.
I remember growing up in the 80s we rarely used the word racist, it was prejudiced that we used


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