Dovid turning the screws

I gave you the exact place in your home city that I would box you in and all I wanted was a guarantee that you are who you say you are.

I haven't seen backpedaling this faggoty since Michael Phelps was in the olympics. Now sit there and act like a bitch and realize the fact that I just punked you out in front of everybody because you know when it actually came down to it you fucking can't prove you are Danny Ross.

Fucking loser. I'm finished with this bit. Tell Sue I said hi and enjoy trolling the neckbeards, whichever European funster you are.

This man is spinning in fucking circles and I didn't even do anything to him. Impressive.


Mexican Lasagna
Markers are paid back you fool. It's not free money. You'd know that if you ever had the money to actually get a marker from a casino.

Yes? You live in Clowntown and pretend you're some sort of player. You couldn't afford my month, and I'm not even talking shit. That's just facts.

I'm fucking crying in NVDA and AMD.
How much Nvda do you have brotherman? I have some too just curious
Danny, question about Steve C. Was he good at anything besides on-air fodder?

Listening to the show, he never had any sweepers or stingers that were great. The only segment/game I remember was the “guess who farted” one. He never made an official website. FoundryMusic was horrible with tons of pop ups and zip files.

He was funny to rag on, but as a producer/boss, did he teach you anything? Any editing programs? Was he good to interns & gave them good grades for school?

I’m not wondering how he was “as a guy”, but as a worker.


Still spreading the O&A virus
He never made an official website. FoundryMusic was horrible with tons of pop ups and zip files.
I remember part of this was some weird legal dispute with XM and Sirius. Even Stern didn't have a lot of luck making websites and keeping them around with K-ROCK and Sirius either. His current site is run by Sirius and is pretty bare bones.
Hey Danny it's Jenna!

Is it weird seeing Sam basically get everything he ever wanted out of life? Happily married, two kids, SXM money, occasionally working for WWE on pre-shows.

In comparison to whatever you're doing these days. Posting here for attention so everyone can make Jew jokes.

You and Sam always tried to be the "cool clique" on the production staff so I'm just curious how it feels to be the Jannetty of the tag team.
I just cummed to your profile gif