Dovid turning the screws


Go work. Get Sandwiches
"Today was a good day".

Patso meltdown audio, Bovine's DD214. And, Fake Brazilian guitar's. Let's round it off. A Ben Dovid special moment
Danny is an unemployed, mentally ill, midget faggot who sucks at guitar hero
I tried following him on twitter but he is so stupid and cryptic about everything that his info never really makes sense. Either he is hoping people beg him for the info or he needs to take the fifth on a few issues. I wound up just making fun of his guitar hero loss and he cursed me and blocked me. He's not worth the effort, we get better info directly from nana and joe.

Chive Torquey

Bland Vegetable Nonsense
"O&A used to be good because I produced their bits."
Wrong again, you coin-clipping cock-sleeve. Anything from the show that anyone looks back on and still thinks is good, trust me, they don't think so because of anything you did. Except for when you got your ass kicked at Guitar Hero.
Imagine thinking the thing people liked about O&A was the fucking production.