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Does Solana Condone Disrespecting Islam?


"He was ducking into alleyways"


Coping not at all, staIker.
I had to pour myself a scotch just to calm myself down. This indecent attack on our muslim brothers and sisters is a disgrace.

Great post. In my opinion, this needs to be shared among the crypto community. Imagine if Jackie and her husband were using AI to commit blasphemy, or worse, antisemitism? Intolerence is intolerence, there's no excuse for this behavior from these two, especially considering it's Jason's duty to represent Solana in a positive way to the public. This is not good optics and the worst part is how completely unnecessary and senseless it all was.
Well said, Torque Nigger.


Like Attracts Like?
Scanning Mrs. Singh’s personal account activity at length, one finds that she busies herself with the popular Twitter “activism” of call-outs, public shaming, doxing, and calls for firings. This is interesting, given archives of her past. In August 2020, Jackie announced she had secured a position “doing cybersecurity full-time” for the 2020 Biden/Harris campaign (A, L). One month later, a story was published about Mrs. Singh in the Washington Examiner (where it remains two and a half years later, wholly unretracted) titled, “Senior Biden campaign cybersecurity expert participated in racist internet troll group” (A, L). The article reports that Singh “was an affiliate of the hacking organization Gay Nigger Association of America, once headed by white nationalist Andrew Auernheimer.” Further:
View attachment 112330

Additional quotes:
“The GNAA, described by the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium as an "extremist right wing terrorist group,"

“Throughout the logs seen by the Washington Examiner, Singh repeatedly uses racial slurs and off-color jokes in conversation with other members. In one instance, she expresses frustration that the use of the N-word had been banned from the IRC channel. Other times, Singh justifies the use of the word, recounting frustrations with job recruiters.”

“Archived tweets from Singh's personal account show her interacting with Auernheimer in 2015. Tweets from October 2015 show Singh referring to the two of them as "friends."
Auernheimer, who reportedly lives in Eastern Europe, is an avowed white nationalist who sports a swastika tattoo on his chest.”

Mrs. Singh reportedly issued a partial denial with no counterevidence, and refused further requests for comment.

Mrs. Singh corresponding with Andrew Auernheimer in mid-to-late 2015:
View attachment 112331(A, Deleted)
View attachment 112332(A, Deleted)

From the Southern Poverty Law Center's entry on Andrew Auernheimer (A, L):
View attachment 112333
View attachment 112334

The Daily Stormer is “an American far-right, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, misogynist, Islamophobic, antisemitic, and Holocaust denial commentary and message board website.” (L)

By her own account, Mrs. Singh was deployed to Iraq as a member of the United States Army from 2002-2004; and 2005, 2007-2011 (A, Deleted) in private enterprise (A, Deleted).
View attachment 112335Video

Excerpts from Jackie Singh’s (jax0m) old online journal (A, “Purged”):
View attachment 112337
View attachment 112338

Alongside gore shock sites such as Ogrish and Rotten, Jackie’s old personal site also featured a “Jihad Manual,” but it has been lost to time:
View attachment 112339(A, Deleted)

Jackie has thus far been able to escape her past by manufacturing the facade of a socially progressive woman of color. When even that fails, she resorts to deletion:
View attachment 112340
The above screenshot is taken from her former account, “find_evil,” the same used to correspond with her “friend” Andrew Auernheimer over 2 years after the founding of the Daily Stormer. The account boasted nearly 15,000 followers at the time of its deletion (A, Deleted). Many today would mistakenly assume Jackie can not hold bigoted views because she is a “woman of color;” Mr. Auernheimer, the swastika-tattooed Neo-Nazi who is a major figure in the white supremacist movement, comes from a “large, mixed-race family with Native American heritage,” and “most certainly has Jewish lineage on both sides of his family," Auernheimer’s own mother told Newsweek (A, L).

Mrs. Singh has extensive coding experience, including using the Solana platform (A, L). Jackie and her husband have apparently collaborated professionally many times over the years:
View attachment 112342(A, L)
During or shortly after Jackie’s brief appointment to the Biden/Harris 2020 campaign, Spyglass Security (mentioned in the above screenshot), a “cybersecurity consultancy” she co-founded with and operated alongside her husband for nearly three years (archiving disabled, L) was permanently closed (A, L):
View attachment 112344

As mentioned in her Twitter bio posted earlier, Jackie abruptly dropped out of film school in her second semester (A, L). This took place very shortly after her husband Jason Schorr was hired at Solana Foundation. She expressed her desire to focus instead on 0xGraffito (A, L).
Given their long, documented history of working together on their own companies, and even with each other at other companies after one convinces the company to hire the other, one wonders if Mrs. Singh might not also have become employed by Solana.
View attachment 112341

Reflective of Solana’s Values?
We are left with the question: Does Solana as a company condone the behavior exhibited by Jason Schorr and Jackie Singh? Should Jason Schorr, if not also Jackie Singh, be employed by Solana? Should their “art” be featured by Solana, promoted with their hashtags, and sold on their platform?
We need answers.
Lock, what am I looking at here?


Nice For Here
I just think it's odd that Dan deserves to be fired for felony...nearness and aggravated doll possession but these two infidels can sell digital stripped down Muslim girls on Solana's platform for Solana crypto while on Solana's payroll being promoted by official Solana accounts using Solana hashtags.