Chomo Joe VS Port Jefferson Ferry


I was chest-bumped, alroight!
Another day, another complaint. #NOTComp'd

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It’s right on the website 12 and under is free is Joe too lazy to click on a link?
Two possible scenarios here, both of which are very brother Joe.

  1. Boomer Joe gets confused online so he called the reservation in like it is still 1996.
  2. He saw online that the age cutoff is 12 and figured he could get around it and save money (due to being poor) by booking over the phone and feigning ignorance of specifics.


"Now put ice skates on dat bich." Peppermint
Yet Joe routinely squanders his money on nonsense like cruises and gun ranges without a second thought. But when it comes to paying for anything that isn't about his own amusement, suddenly Fatso is being gouged unfairly, and demands a discount. Such an obese pig of a man.

You know he looks and smells like a bum, has a Sir tranny for a hag girlfriend, kids looks like dirty ugly little crater faces trash who steal, You just know this grifting leech of a manchild starts getting loud "SOSOSOSOSOSO I SERVED FOR THIS COUNTRY SO YOU CAN WORK HERE AND YOU EXPECT ME TO PAY? I am a VET AA 82nd! my little brother is ANTHONYH Q-mia!"