Be honest. Have you been vaccinated for Covid?

We'll? Have you?

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Never got it and never will. I was a fat slob when covid started (245 but I hid it well, being 6ft tall helped) and being obese was my only risk factor so I just lost 75lbs; this was before the vaccine existed. My job didn't mandate it but they gave us 16hrs of paid-time-off to get vaccinated and I just didn't use it. I have family members who got it because of their jobs or pre-existing conditions and they didn't have any side-effects. I'm not pro or anti vaccine, I just don't give a shit; both sides are annoying faggots.


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Not a vax or a drug in my body for over 10 years now.



The Ricci/Lawless/Silverstone/Lightning Alliance
I didn't have control of the shit they put in my body when my mom took me to my dr's when I was 5 so getting vaccinated wasn't a big deal
My mother is basically the type who'd cover their ears and go, "La la la la I can't hear you" until the subject was dropped. But it wouldn't get that far because she has a "no politics" conversation rule. Ask me how often I talk to her! :)


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No, and I don't plan on it. I had COVID about a month ago and it was annoying more than anything. Felt sick for a day or two and was completely fine after 3 days, but didn't produce a negative test until a week later. Two close friends of mine (not vaxxed) got it about 2 months ago, one was just like me symptom wise, the other had flu-like symptoms for a week, and had trouble with low energy and motivation for another week after. Former co-worker (who is vaxxed) wound up in the hospital for two weeks and had to continue using oxygen at home for about 4 months. He's gotten sick since then and wound up back at the hospital again. He's also in his 60's, former pack-a-day smoker and covers everything in salt, including deli meat and fast food of all things for Christ Sakes.
No, but stupidly got a Tetanus shot like in January 2020...i think all the vax's were already compromised.

Anyway, I felt the same BS symptoms even prior to covid's supposedly causing them: joint and upper back pain.

Never vax'd
Say what you want about covid vaxx but getting encephalitis, tetanus, hepatitis or some other disease where there has been vaxx for decades would suck dick.

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No and I was terminated from Panera for not getting the 3 injections.
Probably for the best. The staff who got the injection and were previously fine EYSAs are chimping out at one another over some radio show they started right now, but DP has shares in J&J so we can't just go public and say "your vaccine made our staff into penny-eaters after we told them all it was ok" without rocking the boat.

You're welcome to come back but if we were you we'd leave it alone....sniff