Be honest. Have you been vaccinated for Covid?

We'll? Have you?

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I have a face like a shovel
I didn't have control of the shit they put in my body when my mom took me to my dr's when I was 5 so getting vaccinated wasn't a big deal

Now, because I had cancer, I was frontlined for Mononuclo Antibodies (after I got covid), that's the shit that works yo


The Ricci/Lawless/Silverstone Alliance
Not one that didn't go through the normal protocols of clinical trials- the ones I had were around for literal decades. You willingly took one that was tested for a few months. Lol.
SARS started in 2001 or some shit. Probably earlier.
Yes I got kike sauce injected into me. Just like everyone who's anti-vax eats kike food, watches kike TV and movies, and jerks off to kike pornography. You're not better than me, faggots.
This is cope and projecting. If you’re American all you had to do was literally not get it and call their bluff. Instead you got the chinky Jew sauce and now no one even cares about covid at all LOL.


Master of Fine Arts in Performative Cruelty
There was a lot of heat on me for not wanting to take the jew juice jab at the peak of Delta, but it subsided and I never got it. Never will. Even the tears and displeasure of my doctor gf at the time did not persuade me. Fuck off with that shit.
Had all three even though my odds of getting taken out by COVID were slim. I like travelling.

I was more nervous about the rare side effects than having COVID. No side effects. I eventually did get COVID and it was a cold/fever/cough. It was annoying and longer lasting than normal cold. The fever that came with it was wild. I suspect I 'd have been worse if unvaxxed and was glad I wasn't.


The Ricci/Lawless/Silverstone/Lightning Alliance
I suspect I 'd have been worse if unvaxxed and was glad I wasn't.