As a child, did a teacher ever make you feel inferior?


In 7th grade english we were reading some retarded book out loud together as a class. One of the characters was a boy named Sydney. My fat stupid bitch teacher who looked exactly like Jabba The Hutt in a blonde wig made some comment about how that was a girl's name typically. Fast forward through the weekend to Monday and we're back reading the book and she asks if anyone remembers what we talked about last time? I said something about the main character has a girly name, just as a joke. This fat stupid fat bitch decides to turn it around on me and say that she knows of girls that have the same name as ME. Now I'm not gonna say what my fucking name is, but I have heard of the occasional woman with the name and it's stupid as fuck every single time because it's not even a woman's name by definition and all it tells me is that her parents are dumb. Anyways the whole class loffed at me and I wanted to spit in that fat bitch's face right there. I guess I could understand why she did it if there had actually been a boy in our school named Sydney and I was being a dick about it, but there wasn't and she was just being a fat nasty cunt.