Anyone remember the subreddits we invaded back in the day?


We should have taken over JimAndSam or Anthony's dwindling subs.

We really could've had a lot of fun by pretending to be someone else's fanbase and just hijacking their reputation. Bill Burr, Louis, etc.
Who would you believe... 1 person disavowing us, or thousands of people claiming to be their diehard followers?

But of course the Pat Posters knew better. (short for Pathetic Posters)
I tried to do that exact thing with r/JimandSam only after the hammer dropped unfortunately so not to many brothamen were able to follow suit.


Always a favorite when a outsider wandered into the sub like a injured wildebeest into den of lions, then followed them back to their home sub and read them saying don't go into that sub they are all racist,homphobic, one of them also said if you posted a picture of Hitler in that sub it would get a hundred up votes, so somebody put Hitlers pic up and got two hundred up votes