Anyone remember the subreddits we invaded back in the day?

That Nigga Dre

Black Earl Magic
We should have taken over JimAndSam or Anthony's dwindling subs.

We really could've had a lot of fun by pretending to be someone else's fanbase and just hijacking their reputation. Bill Burr, Louis, etc.
Who would you believe... 1 person disavowing us, or thousands of people claiming to be their diehard followers?

But of course the Pat Posters knew better. (short for Pathetic Posters)


Rhetorical and reasonable
The first pre-existing one was r/metalgbt I think. I have the picture somewhere of the dude pouring one out with all the sub names on it but fuck if I can find it.


I was reminiscing like a fag and my ribs started to hurt at the thought of just picking random subs and taking over.
The LBQT sub that was unused for years that we all figured was a go. Turns out it still counted as brigading and a lot of accounts got banned. The ensuing very autistic ‘Wha Happen!’ from this band of merry retards (myself included) stole a rib or two I never got back.