Anyone following the World Baseball Classic?

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half a season, we did too (redsox)... that doest count. I was pissed the sox didn't sign him. he had a great run, helped them trounce the Yankees again and get to the ALCS. its been all down hill since then for Boston
I don’t care, we liked him a lot and now have to watch him play for scumbag Phillies for years along with Turner and Harper. Soto is the worst move ever. They still had him for 2 years and are looking at selling the team. You keep the 23 year old HOFer and let the new owners try to sign him. Fuck prospects, that shit is a dice roll.


Woohoo the overrated usa goes the semifinals!

But really gg fuck you Venezuela, and your fans.


Who we got tonight?

I don't think the Yanks can club their way out of this. Japan is too well-rounded. Our lineup is fucking legit but the pitching is laughable.

6-4 Nips.
I also think Japan will win. They're better at the fundamentals. That dude's bunt last night was great. He made it clear he was going to bunt, did a perfect job pulling back each bunt attempt when a pitch didn't look good. Then managed to bunt with 2 strikes (which could have fouled off and made him automatically out) but he laid it down and advanced the runners, as intended.

Plus I love their respect for everything. Bowing to the other team and fans after an incredible walk off win. They've taken the game we taught them and embraced it to the max. Half their country tunes in and watches them play, it's incredible.


The Japanese/NPB-style chest protectors are shitty looking and seem like they'd get in the way too much. They also wear the old style catcher's masks instead of hockey-goalie style.


I was only jokin'
Can't really even blame the pitching in this one.
Our starter, whomever the fuck he was, but us behind the 8 ball, but we should've feasted on Nip pitching.

The American game is so driven by analytics now that we can't win these short tournaments. Baseball and Basketball in America have turned into home run derbys / 3-pt contests, and strategy has fallen to the wayside.

Japan comes in playing 1980s style baseball woth "inferior" players and wins because this is how baseball should be played. We deserve to lose. America can't simply slug their way to dominance without any Big League pitching.
Plus the spoiled rich American players are phoning it in. There's probably more national pride among the actual Japs than there are the Tower of Babel roster on the US side.