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wwawd wrestling shit that gets ya boyz ribs


Stand Alone Fruit
I liked it when Sid fractured his ankle jumping off the turnbuckle. What a dork!


Access to the Debates
Jeff Jarrett beating up women and smashing the with his guitar like a southern Andy Kaufman was a great bit.

I like this one because apparently Rock and Mick could hear Lawler laughing at ringside and it made both struggle to hold their own laughter.

Bossman ruled as a heel.

And I can’t find a video of it but it’s from the early to mid 90s. Vince and Owen Hart are on mic. Lawler is coming out for a match shit talking the crowd and he basically calls some kid fat. The kid looks dejected and Vince sort of admonishes the comment but Owen goes “he’s (Lawler) right!”

Always made me laugh that Vince tried to cover for the brutality of Lawler and Owen doubles down.

Big Van Vader


To me the best 3 Minute Warning segment was the Billy & Chuck wedding. It was completely unexpected to the point that gay groups were pissed off after it aired as WWF promised a respectable gay wedding ceremony. Rico always got my ribs with his gimmick, acting and wolverine sideburns.

20:25 if you want to skip to the beat down.