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WWAW with Kanye being replaced by a clone


The Lizard King
Anyone notice how Kanye disappeared after correctly naming the Jew and preaching Christlike qualities and then came back silent looking totally different?

What the fuck is that all about?

I’ve seen some very compelling arguments about clones and creepy fucking weird videos of celebrities caught on camera “glitching” out and looking inhuman. I don’t go down that rabbit hole too much because it’s dark and unsettling but there’s something instinctively inside that sounds an alarm looking at some of them.

Just like an Eskimo will know to be afraid of a cobra despite having no knowledge of them at all, because they used to kill so many humans we are genetically designed to sound that internal alarm at the sight of them.

That’s why the uncanny valley is so ingrained in us to freak us out and alarm us, because we are recognising predators and entities cloaked in human form which aren’t human.

Recent photo of “Ye”, who the fuck is this guy?

Nothing would surprise me at this point no matter how ludicrous it may seem, but the real psyop is paying attention to any so-called celebrity. Why should I care about an actor, musician, athlete or whoever? "Conspiracy" stuff gets hijacked with celebrity bullshit to where it's TMZ for "schizos". Enough.
Remember when that Aussie gatekeeper did the 4 hour "I will expose the industry" and proceeded to make 4 hours of the most basic cliche you can find from any instagram illuminati group?



No need to be hysterical. He is owned by Jews (religious, dedicated ones at that). They instructed him to be anti-semitic for a bit...then instructed him to take it back and disavow it all.

Imagine taking life's cues from a singer (Americans are children, cant wait to pluck myself a few when shtf there.)
Claiming there’s no hope for white people is the most Jewish thing you could do. I’m beginning to doubt your diaper head status.