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WWAW putting slices of lime in regular domestic beers?


Which way?! Medium or well done?
I will answer this seriously, which is probably a mistake.

Coronas, due to being served in clear bottles almost all the time here, have a strong skunky smell/taste. You'll note if you have Corona in a can or draft, the flavor is different and lacks that. At this point, many people associate that skunky smell which is caused by light hitting the beer with Corona or "imported" beer. The lime masks that.

My issue with adding citrus to a beer is that it makes it go flat. So to answer the question of "WWAWD putting slices of lime in regular domestic beers"....i'm just not there, brothaman. The other beers don't have that skunky smell.

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
You know what I never understood? A bunch of the older people on my mom's side of the family put salt in their beer. Like just regular table salt. Every time I've asked someone about it they just say "try it." I've never tried it.
Might be like putting a lil twang of salt on a sweet waddymellum. It brings out... like, accents.


it's an EGG with SHIT on it
Coronas need lime to dull that awful taste. Decent Mexican beers like Negra Modelo are improved by a lil squirt of lime to brighten them up. Even better is a good cerveza con preparada: lime, hot sauce and Tajin on the rim. It's like a real low-rent Bloody Mary.
I ordered these Latino salt/lemon-lime loli-pops, the same brand also has salty/sweet lemon lime powder, Hot sauce and that powder on the rim of tequila shots and cold beers is worth checking out.