WWAW betting on sports?

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Those breeches will stay open!
I put a tenner on two football accumulators earlier. One came through and i won £110.. the other one fell through because of one team out of ten (Arsenal) conceding a goal and motherfucked me out of £2000.

I’ve been fawkin brooding for hours. Those fawkin ssssscumbags!



Probably the worst thing that has ever happened to modern sports. There is way too much incentive for corruption and absolutely fuck all for oversight. Replay, VAR, coach's challenges, etc. is all just window dressing to give the average dummy a false sense that they're not being robbed.

The only good thing that has come from sports betting is this commercial:

She's so hot in makes my fucking soul ache.

Jim Norton’s Wife's Cock

Those breeches will stay open!
I lost $125 yesterday on australia vs cuba because they were giving nearly 4:1 and i was free rolling and fuck commies
bogans lost by a run
It’s cheaper to just go to the atm and light your greenbacks on fire
It’s a losing proposition, brother. Always
Spits on floor
I'm up this week. I only bet small amounts, but put them on accumulators of like 10-20 games. It's always one fucking team them lets me down, and i need to learn when to cash out when the goings good. I'll be within reach of like £500-£2000 from a £5 bet, and then some faggot team concedes a goal at the last minute and draws lol.

I have two accas on for tomorrow with 12 teams on each one.

Jim Norton’s Wife's Cock

Those breeches will stay open!
Serious question, do you guys in the U.S not have cash out options with bets? it's pretty easy to make some money on accumulators here, you just pick like 10 teams who are all favourites, bet a small sum.. wait until 2-3 of the teams have won, and a couple others are winning.. then cash out for more than you bet. I know a guy who smokes bud all day everyday, and he pays for his weed from the profits he makes doing this on accumulators.
I had a 515-1 accumulator come in once back when I followed EFL. I forget who they were playing but Liverpool Yossi Benayoon?! scored in the 94th minute to seal the win in the late kick off. It was glorious.


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More than once I bet the opposite of what I wanted in NHL and came out okay. Still very much down overall because those Eagles scuuumbags really motherfucked me in the SB. I don’t understand how moneylines work.
I know someone who is a full time sports better. It sounds stressful and turns something fun into something hellish. While sports can be distilled into data there is still a huge element of randomness


There's feral honkies in the Smoky Mountains
I don't gamble because I need all my good luck for getting out of drunken traffic stops and shit like that.