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Won't be seeing her no more


Understands that racists can enter contracts.
I clicked some of the links in the NY Post article and there are some real gems here.

“He was a weird pervert,” said the neighbor, only giving the name April.

“He watched me come on the porch, then came up the stairs behind me and said, ‘I will give you $100 to f–k,'” the woman told the outlet.

When she asked if he thought she was a “hoe that needs your money,” he reportedly replied, “It ain’t like that … I just want to have some fun.”
This is just how they talk. A strange man follows you up the stairs and offers you $100, and you say, "Do I look like a hoe that needs your money?"

Because there's only one race, the human race, and we are all alike.

Any way, I put the odds at 75% that he fucked her.

“As far as I know, nobody here have sex with him,” she said.

“He creepy, he really creepy,” she told the Mail.
I love how Daily Mail didn't fix the grammar.

His 36-year-old brother, Mario Abston, was also charged Sunday with
possession with intent to manufacture and sell both fentanyl and heroin, as well as possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony.

He is “currently not believed to be connected to Fletcher’s abduction,” police stressed.

A wannabe rapper under the name Yola Bizza, the younger brother had lost his wife, Nakita Dixon, 31, to a drug overdose in March last year, according to his social media as well as neighbors.

He was in bed with his wife when she died, and “Mario’s definitely going through something himself,” neighbor April told the Mail.
So the article about the nigger who killed the White mother billionaire heiress ends with "the hoe that doesn't need your money" explaining that the alleged murderer's drug-dealing brother lost his wife to a drug overdose, because you know, that's totally relevant to the White family that just had their lives ruined.
Legalize abortion and incentivize blacks to get them by handing out Jordans and Hennessey and maybe this will happen less often in 20 years if we do that. I just can't take them anymore. Mother of two raped and murdered because this untermensch can't control his impulses.

Roe worked. By the time kids born in '73 would have reached adulthood, the crime rate began to plummet dramatically.



Ortega Mafia disciple
Reminder: Jogging at 4:30 am in Memphis is not a good idea, especially if you're a white female.
It's funny that the niggers pushed their Ahmed Coonberry story so much, "murdered for jogging while black," when the reality seems to be that white women actually do get killed for jogging. Wasn't it the same story with the girl killed by the beaner?

Not that I care. These are the same white women who bitch endlessly about muh misogyny while exclusively blaming white men for the actions of their murderers of color.