Where we at with The Fat Chick Thrilla, Child Killa, Sound Bar Spilla Kuhn?

The sub and this place has delivered so many happenings for me as it must have for most of us, but kuhn was basically your neighbor. Crazy shit. All the connections and intervowenness...

Only story that's crazier to me is that Carol got fellated by an unnamed US congressman and showed him some of the Joeposting in regards to Big Apple Ranch, which the politician has frequented before (but didn't remember/ever heard of Joe)
Wait, what the fuck?


Poor lil feller getting splattered isn't funny but the entire incident overall is funny. I dunno man it's a tough one.

*disgusting deep inhale through awful clogged nostrils
I'm still shocked and dissapointed none of you found a way to slip a bunch of "free chris kuhn" signs into a blm protest last summer.

Could've just handed them out and said he was a political prisoner they'd of been spraypainting his name on shit all night, not like they look anything up.
Didn't some people go around reddit spreading the news? Go onto BLM or any sub sympathetic to criminals and say that Kuhn was serving life for running a red light and that he's really a political prisoner.