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What was wrong with Bobo?


Dirty Bastard
Was there actually something wrong with him mentally? He seemed fine to me.

I am embarrassed to say but i am a lot like him behavior wise (no joke). Felt bad when they used to make fun of him. But he traded his dignity for attention and supposed fame so that's that.
The bastard was and still is breathing, thats always been his main problem


CEO of Joyomi Butter Knife Co.
Not a medical term, child. Nimrod was a great hunter in the Bible and Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck sarcastically said it referring to Elmer Fudd, that's where it became synonymous with "moron" in popular culture. Nice irrelevant factoid and unwieldy sentences, stupid.
He's right about idiot though. That's why I call Chef Adam Libby a retard and an idiot. Because I'm a fucking doctor.