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Salted Earth Truffle

Being a shut-in, that’s your bit?
Seriously the entire album is great. When I think of solid albums from that era, this one comes to mind. Even more remarkable when you consider it’s not as if the band were celebrities. I had no idea what any of them looked like. The White Room was just a sublime mini-escape from reality.
Ok my American friends, I got to explain this. So Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond aka The KLF / Justified Ancients of MuMu and a ton of other names...

So their first no1 was made without a shred of original music. They mashed Gary Glitter and Dr Who and trolled the charts.

Then they became The KLF and yeah when you see same song names that are radically different...that’s their MO...

In the late 80s they mashed a ton of stuff together and got huge in the burgeoning acid house scene then would remix it for the charts and get these no1s

They had Tammy Wynette for this

So at the Brit Awards (think Grammys for British music) they played a very hard thrash metal version of a song, pulled automatic weapons out and sprayed the celebrity front rows with blanks, announced their retirement and next day they deleted their catalogue.

Seriously like these vanilla pop stars are expecting some house or trance or something and they do this...they hid it from the production team during rehearsals and all...

We aren’t finished... with roughly one million pounds in 1994 they decided to burn it. So they did. They took a flight to a Scottish island and spent a few hours burning piles of 50 pound notes.

(If you want to see how sad, pathetic, small minded and awful Ireland was in the 90s even there’s an interview with them on YT, I think they are named K Foundation)

Jimmy and Bill have had successful careers in art, Jimmy’s ex wife who was in all their videos and was a part of a cheesy pop band, Cressida, she’s a doctor and all in all the KLF s contribution to dance music and pop culture is something pretty unique...

They barely recorded an original note but they put out some cracking good music. They trolled the industry and press and said fuck it waaaaay before their time

Meh, I enjoyed them back in the 80s but musicians need to calm the fuck down. They just make music after all.