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Unsolved Pat mysteries


The Ricci/Lawless/Redhead Chick From B52s Alliance
- who is penny eater

- what caused the scar on Pat's head

- why did Ade leave Pat (specifically)

- what awkward shit is in that deleted eisenberg interview with the blonde chick, with pat sitting awkwardly on the couch


The Ricci/Lawless/Redhead Chick From B52s Alliance
- what caused dougie to not hold hands with a girl til 2022
I never held a girl's hand until 2022? Aaaaalright.



Access to the Debates
Tonight! On Unsolved Mysteries.

We investigate the case of a man named Patrick S. Tomlinson, also known as Torque Wheeler. Patrick led what seemed to be an ordinary life until one fateful August night when his quiet Milwaukee neighbourhood erupted in violence. In the aftermath, four police officers are dead, a freezer full of “niggeroni” was found, three homes and a housing project were burned to the ground, and there was no sign of Patrick S. Tomlinson or Torque Wheeler to be found.

What drove this man to such horrific, vorarephilic acts? What set off such brutal violence in this sleepy town? Where is Patrick S. Tomlinson hiding?

You can help us solve this puzzle, tonight, on Unsolved Mysteries.