Too bad he doesn’t have a penny left


Still spreading the O&A virus
First off anyone wishing that Anthony had "all of his money" is delusional. As Anthony already gambled and flushed away millions on blackjack and other casino games. Not even Anthony seemingly wants all or even most of his money. He probably blew over half of his income away immediately on table games or sports betting. If Anthony wanted all of his money nothing was really stopping him from keeping it aside from his own miscegenated genetics.

I would not be surprised if Anthony lost over 80% of his money from gambling. Factor in the divorce, loss on the house, his frivolous and wasteful lifestyle, legal fees and Keith, Compound Media losses, and he is going to die penniless.
The fact that he meticulously staged that photo is rib obliterating. What a gay FAGGOT
Every single time some big social media influencer or social media family is arrested for something deranged like spousal abuse, rape, murder, child abuse, and so on. Their social media posts are a perfect picture of a happy life and family. Eating at restaurants every night. All smiles. Then their personal lives are violent contrasts where the husband is beating the wife every night. Or the kids are being starved and locked in cages. Or the house is owned by a production company and they are really bankrupt.

All smoke and mirrors.