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Tommy Tomlinson developed a pioneering technique during his time as a rodeo clown


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It had nothing to do with bull riding though. No, he couldn't make ends meet as a bull rider, you see, so he came up with this innovation at his actual job as a truck driver.

As you all know, Tommy Tomlinson could suck a mean cock in the late 60s/early 70s. Guys of all colors, sizes and shapes across the nation knew him as the "King of the Gloryhole". But you see, Tommy was as a smart man. He figured he could make more money by sucking more than just one cock at a time at rest stops throughout the States. So he thought to himself "What if there were more holes?!".

This is when he decided to drill 3 extra holes in the wall - one on each side of the main hole and one beneath it. This way he could service guys with his mouth with the main hole, while jacking 2 more off at either side with each hand and jacking the cock beneath it with his feet. He called this "The 4-Hole Special".

He patented this idea and later taught it to his son, who to this day practices it himself at sci-fi and comic book conventions across the United States of Murica. The Tomlinsons have a proud lineage :giggle:

Thank you for you time.


Coming to collect, child.
As a child, Pat watched his dad ride bulls. As an adult, he watches Nikki ride bulls. A wonderful family story if you ask me.

As to Gloryholes, I have to doubt your claim that he was a pioneer. That title is reserved for WWE Champ Hillbilly Jim, according to Richard and Sal at least.

Just a real good sport about it and all that shit.