This must be Ro's side of the family

6'1 so got the blazer at big and tall
Fair point. It does follow along my desire to not get doxxed too easy so as to make Pig fight for every inch of ground. I'm not as worried about getting doxxed because my income is secure and not reliant on employment anymore. You just summed up what alot of butthurt brothermen couldn't. I still don't think what i did was that bad, but I can't get them all right, all of the time. I lurked for a long time before I began posting. The big reason I became active was his lawsuit, but I also have a strong sense of freedom to offend and I expect people top respond to criticism, but at some point you have to give up. That's easy to do, the same way if you got the knock and the "knock it off" you'd stop Pat-posting. I enjoy the laughs, but watching the sperg outs today was sad, not funny. It's an addictive hobby but we can't become what we mock. Anyway thanks for the good reply