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The story of what happened to oghenechovwe's dad


Beading for Christ.
It does in Nigeria. Having a business with a van that delivers fish would absolutely make you part of the top 1%.

For anyone who's wondered how he tolerates spending so much time around the old hens of the SWFA, I expect many years of riding around in a fish van helped him prepare for this role of a lifetime and simultaneously reduced his gag reflex when it comes to smells.


"Then an inheritance war over his property insured"

First of all, nice ensued, stupid. Second of all, exactly how many combatants were in the war if ya know what I'm saying and I think you do.


Stand Alone Fruit
I bet you all the unviersity of lagos and Nigerian award claims are all just made up lol is there ANY evidence of any of this? do we even know his age?
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He claims he graduated but it took like a decade because he didn’t pay attention because of his disability and even said he had awful grades because he doesn’t bother to try and listen. How can you afford to go that long?