The Patrick Tomlinson Interviews Part1


Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION
I didn't create the "No Gimmick-Accounts Allowed" rule, I just enforce it.

Getting into the secret forum is like being a made guy.

It’s no hope, no Jesus, no Madonna, nobody can help us, if we ever give up this secret to anybody, any kinds of friends of mine, let’s say. This Thing cannot be exposed.

You’ve all done everything you hadda do ... Stay the way youse are, don’t let it go to your head ... it’s not to be used to make money. It’s not an advantage, a ticket to abuse people, it doesn’t make you better than other people. The thing is you have all of us to protect you. If you don’t let it go to your head, and you don’t abuse it, you’ll have a happy, happy, happy life


No, child
I think the real swatting story is something more like this.

Someone saw info about Pat and nigger babies and called the police.

They probably do a routine check and knock at the door, suspicious, MAYBE a little assertive.

Pat just loses his mind immediately and starts swearing and yelling about cyberterrorists and nazis. How could the police NOT know about his situation?? Police go from assertive to aggressive in their tone. Nikki steps in because baby boy was too worked up.
Nice living in poverty without a gate, stupid.


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I wou
The time around that article might have been a prime time for Pat to have his guard down regarding accepting interviews. Maybe that guy on reddit saw this opening and went to slide in for the long con, and lined up a bunch of interviews with Pat and possibly other people he might have mentioned.
Dish, girls, dish!!
l would love if he somehow convinced Pat to let Niki be interviewed.