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Thought I found a racist rant but FN was just the username of the OP.



Hahahahaha here's classic Joe.

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There's an ASSKISSING session on TV, going on right now, between Hillary, George, Chuck and Rudy and others, that makes me want to VOMIT BIG CHUNKS. They're talking about how "We're gonna build a better NY city than before this tragedy" and how f'ing good the mayors team is, How attentive the president has been, how good they're all handling their jobs...etc...etc... WHERE'S THE ANGER PEOPLE?????
Having a pretty close relationship with Anth, I tell him to get fucked and I call him a dick when I think he's wrong and vice versa. This time, along with many of you, I stand behind what he's been saying for the past coupl'a days 100%.
When are these people going to show some human EMOTION and be as PISSED as everyone else in NY is!!!!!????? Instead, they're all looking to be the next one to make the profound statement that'll go down in the history books.
Our elected officials are kissing ass when they should be KICKING it. They're all F'ing smiles, and nicey nice talk, and it makes me wanna woof.
Thanks for listening...I hadda vent...I'm going to sleep. uuuuggghhh...


Here we go... lol

lemme clear one or two things up. Our Pop never intentionally "set up" women for Anthony or myself.

But, put yourself in this position:

You're surrounded by horny cowgirls in San Juan Capistrano. CA (circa '72-74) . Some of them are around the same age as your Father and his new girlfriend. They are used to being with older, drunken, limpdick cowboys that get drunk, screw for a couple of minutes, and fall asleep in thier pickup truck.(this is pre- Hi five, by the way)

The horny cowgirls get drunk and want a couple'a 12 or 13 year old boys from N.Y. (no, not at the same time you morons). You just happen to be that adolescent, testosterone charged, walking hard-on ,that they desire.

Q. What's a 13 or 15 year old boy to do????

A. FUCK.....FUCK like Peter North, and then FUCK some more....Take a shower with a female for the first time in your life, and then, when you wake up the next morning....more fucking....and lots and lots more fucking for months to come!!!!!

trust me , it wasn't a bad experience,It was a teenage boys wet dream and I don't think Anth ever saw it as being detrimental to either one of us either.

Now I have to go take a hot shower...I feel dirty....:)

oh yeah...Buzzes real name was Christine. Here's one for ya':

Q. How did Buzz get her knickname?????

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Ain't it fun?
They threw a weird message board party:

Gee, thanks for throwing the whole page off Raven, lol. Much too much too many people to shout out to now, so I'll just say hey to a bunch of people and I had a great time. Ant, Joe, Bill, Lynch, and Denacola, thanks for coming out, you guys made the night. Thanks to Froy for putting this cluster-f together. Great job emcee-ing Gonzo, next time just charge Lynch off the stage. Jeff, great meetin ya, I look forward to the "added bonuses" we'll be getting in the future. Mendi and Doc, you guys were great competition, did anyone actually think that I WOULDN'T come in last?? Seph, next time we hide in the parking lot and jump Brokenjaw as he comes out. We can hide in his blind spot. Oh...he Brokenjaw...I didn't realize you were reading this too.. ;) Tequila, I know this post isn't as funny as my other one, but hey it's late and I'm trying. TeenSlut....what can I say but DAMN! LOL, you rock! Shelle, NJStrawberry, Claire, and anyone else who participated in the "events" onstage, you are truly queens, gods among us mortals. Flock, anyone ever tell you you look like Rich Vos? NJDude, what the bar doesn't know won't hurt them, and besides, there were no cops around! Critics, looking forward to having you on the studio board. Anyone I forgot, it's probably just because it's 4:30 and I'm fuckin tired, i'll add more later. Overall, great party. No arrests = success. Later.
Say what? Of course we all know the real reason for 🐜 throwing a message board party to begin with was to meet the user behind this name.

Brother Joe chimes in on page 2 to confirm they were there. It's not like stuff on the internet never goes away, right? :image_9247_m:
GRRRREAT TIME Last night! Everybody ROCKED!! Special Thanks to Froy (insert applause here) Dude, You're one class act. FN Moron for helping out with the entertainment, and the rest of you knuckleheads, just for being there. Now I gotta go ....I'm getting all misty dammit....Booohoo....bwahhh....BWAHHHH!!!!

Quote by the teen slut herself. They gave her beer. Dicey dicey!
I just wanted to say that i had a really great time last night. Those of you that i didn't previously know, it was so nice meeting you and those of you that i had already met it was great seeing you again. I have a lot of people to thank so if i forget to mention you i'm really sorry.
First off, thanks to Froy for making this all happen. Thanks for everything else last night too, I owe you.
Thanks to everyone esle who took part in organizing this. It was a really great night and wouldn't have been possible w/o you all.
Drunk Boy- thanks for the ride there.
Raven- thanks so much for everything last night. i really appreciate everything you did for me. you were a great babysitter too. i still don't understand why you felt you had to watch me though, i was such a good girl last night ;)
Thanks to everyone else who Raven put in charge of babysitting me. i was good though and i kept all my clothes on... sort of.
Shelle- thanks for the kiss, you're a cutie ;) thanks for the kisses i got from the other girls too, you guys helped to make my night great.
Thanks to everyone who bought me bee... uh, i mean soda.
Thanks to my daddy Seph, just for being a great daddy.
Uncle Gonzo- even though i couldn't be in the contests i still love you!
Also, feelmyfunbags, crx girl, tankgrrl, candy girl, mendi, kid afrika, brother joe, doc smith, joyce, windowlck, fm matt, fm jeff, gagootz, criticslovesnatch, nj dude, fn moron, and anyone else i forgot i'm really sorry but i love you all and thanks for making my night so great. it was well worth getting grounded for :)



Ain't it fun?


I Am Racist Man Leader of the Digital Ku Klux Klan
“The horny cowgirls get drunk and want a couple'a 12 or 13 year old boys from N.Y.”

Holy fuck, he is a sick, sick cow! I bet the cruise ship will not be happy seeing these kind of things posted in their reviews!
Yeah if cowboys are known for anything, it's Not self reliance , strength and rugged masculine appeal. Joe, it's just your closet case father who was fat and poor and limp dicked because he was an irresponsible alchie deadbeat larping as a cowboy.

It's shit like this that makes me hate new Yorkers. They come up with these stereotypes of people from other parts of the country that have no basis in reality and assume they are smarter than everyone when they are bro Joe style buffoons. Like Henry Hill mocking people in Nebraska when he was a junkie rat loser

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