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Songs that describe how you feel right now



Guess who's back...

That chick from Paramore rules!




Kill a commie for mommy, awright

I love this version of the song. He’s so fucked he forgets what song he’s gonna play right after he intros it


(Voluntarily) torqued boomer
Had a great morning run in the snow after a nice thanksgiving yesterday.

You can all call me a Faggot but this song always goes great with a run for me.

Uncle Floyd

Why are you gay?
My first thought was a Morrissey song, too, but I've got too much pride to reply to this reddit-tier fag question.

Ah, shucks. Who am I kidding? I have no pride.

Not my mood, but I had never seen this before and I was very impressed.

But yeah, weird guy.

If anyone wants to make these, here's how:

I think it's kinda neat. You can make basically anything out of cardboard, hot glue and an xacto knife. Laser cutter is even better.
It's so easy to laugh

It's so easy to hate

It takes strength to be gentle and kind

Over, over, over, over

… It's so easy to laugh

It's so easy to hate

It takes guts to be gentle and kind

Of course these lyrics were written by one of the greatest trolls of all time, so take them with a grain of salt!