Rick is oinking victoriously about doxxing his Hooligan's atalker from last weekend...


I only trigger at the range, Scooter.
This dude has been a blight on that place for years and they refuse to ban him. Anything going on with patrons there outside of that place is none of their fucking business.

They wont ban him. Maybe now after he oinked about them on twitter but they back the Fat.

If you dig deep into anything that is down with Patrick S Tomlinson you always find a pedophile. Hhmm Pat why is that?

I am willing to bet that Rick and the head cook are real good buddies or friends like he says about his other pedophile pals. The other day a brotherman posted yelp reviews and they had a boomer that is a 20+ year regular. He mentioned that the head cook would always "wear a boy scout uniform everyday while he was cooking." My guess is they back the Fat and let him put up that laptop on the counter because that is where he has all the "KP"
Sick fucking people in Patrick S Tomlinson's circle. He needs to be put down, now.

Ricci Ryda

The Ricci/Lawless/Silverstone Alliance
Update: No he isn't.

Denny's Cock Taster

Goo goo goo goo
Just fucking spectacularly hilarious. He's going to be so fucking steamed about this shit that he's probably going to do what others here have suspected. He's going to try to get every single patron of hooligans arrested until he's nabbed a pest. Or he's going to go ham on some poor nobody.
He's gonna kill the Intel engineer.

Him getting unbanned for 2 hrs makes this 1000% more hilarious