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Reminder that first amendment/free speech advocate Anthony Cumia once threatened to shut down the old subreddit for "hate speech"

This was his response when the old subreddit found out about Sue Lightning:

This was his response when the old subreddit found out about Sue Lightning:

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Thin-skinned, easily-hurt Nana. He can laugh and giggle about traffic fatalities, but make fun of his obvious repressed homosexuality and he starts blubbering just like he did when daddy called him a faggot for prancing around in mommy's shoes.
I love how the way that everyone "destroyed" him was by literally just telling the truth. No exaggerations. No lies. No image doctoring. Nothing out of context. He literally was sleeping with a dude and paying for a man to get fake tits.
There is no doubt on my mind, that if we didn't discover his relationship with Sue Lightning, just as Jim Norton, he would be living with a man that he refers to as his "girlfriend".