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Jonny's Locked Twitter

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I haven't heard this in a while. Unlike the rest of the O&A universe deviants, Joe's doltish buffoonery is so pure, in an almost wholesome kind of way. You don't need any context or background to laugh at Joe's witless brand of almost supernatural idiocy. And this was his high water mark, peak Joe.

Brooke Shields

I scream like a woman at 1:30 AM to female police
This happening made me realize something in the editing of these shows, they'll just show random(probably rank them in some way) cases all in one show. Makes sense but isn't something you'd know cause who the fuck is looking at the court's attendees

what I mean is, I saw Expressive Black Guy one day while visiting my mom cause she puts it on sometimes to watch between chores and I got very excited that the Joe case would be next for her to witness and I could question her about Joe's character, but the next case it was a completely different audience

Does anyone know, was Joe's case the closer? Like they show 2-3 cases per 20min episode, and show the most retarded/entertaining one last to let the viewer end on a high note?