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I guess Patrick was right when he said "they work for me now" back in the day. I hear he's even started paying some of us

I've always heard if you leave zero tip at a restaurant, you're a cheap bastard. If you leave a nickel as tip, that's how you really say fuck you to the waiter your service was terrible. Schulman knocking the bill down 30 cents just kinda reminds me of that principle.

Professional Pena wanted $23,739.55 in sanctions, mumbling talking-in-circles Mayr wanted $0, Shulman decided a fair compromise. Giving Mayr a quarter and a nickel off the bill to tell the waiter his service was that bad.
It was not the full amount, child.


Check out the new Maiden album, it's fantastic.
I will....Thanks!

Just got through watching the video. Wow! The judge put Mush Mouth Mayr on the pay no mind list in an embarrassing fashion.

Of course, Delusional Tubby Tomlinson is going to once again deny reality and say that none of this actually happened. Wash, rinse, repeat.

One more thing.... Imagine being a potential publisher of his next amateur attempt at writing a book, googling his name, and coming across his latest psychotic meltdowns. Talk about a hard pass.

Hope he kept his real estate license updated.