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The ONLY station that REALLY ROCKS!
Musk’s conversation with Netanyahu was billed as a discussion about technology and artificial intelligence but it quickly turned to free speech and antisemitism amid accusations that X was not doing enough to tackle racist speech on the platform.

Netanyahu said he hoped Musk would find ways within the confines of the first amendment to clamp down on antisemitism and other forms of hatred on X.


What did you think today was going to be?
I think so too, the only people crying and complaining Elon Musk are the losers on twitter - something he owns. I bet he does this stuff and laughs his ass off at the reactions from people who take twitter so seriously.
Well he certainly does like laughing at his own jokes. Here he is telling a (not funny) joke, laughing at it, and then repeating it, all before he lols @ it again on X. Turbo sperg that he is.

The Arm

Fire stalk with me.
It would get rid of most of those street-shitters that demand pics of bobs and vagine.

Not that I necessarily think that that's a good thing. I hate women too.


Fat bitch with faggot tits
I like to imagine that Elon is trying to directly fuck with Piggy for being such a faggot.
If I were a billionaire I would absolutely use some of that money just to annoy Fatrick. Nothing too malevolent. I'd just buy out his favourite hangouts and turn them into theme bars modelled on whatever dumb shit he was complaining about that week. Or I'd pay someone to track down every available used or unsold copy of all his books, buy them up at a deep discount and then have them pulped.