Pat vs Tank


You can Torque! You can Torque! You can Torque!


How does that feel?!
The best part about all of this is the simple fact he won't feel an ounce of shame and will just keep tweeting like he is an expert on all things currently going on and will continue to make a complete asshole of himself.

I can not wait for him to try to pass off another mil-spec novel and examples of his glaring lack of insight into anything military/weapons/armed conflicts are repeatedly brought to the attention of anyone wondering if his works are anything but mary sue fantasies.

Hell I think all future readers & reviewers should take such into consideration when seeking out his books or leaving reviews. How could such a persons work ever be taken seriously again.

Patrick S. Tomlinson you are a piece of shit.

Mr. Torque Weiner

I'm sorry, who are you?
Good thing nobody will totally be reminding him of this tweet for years to come.
He sure is lucky and skilled that he managed to go viral for being smart and helpful and not being a dipshit fat middle-aged white man telling people in a second world country how to fight their wars. It could have really added to his lolcow status if tweets making fun of him got several tens of thousands of likes. Thank God that didn't happen.


Stand Alone Fruit
It’s amazing how he seems to have zero interactions with friends and family but claims to know many people in every field related to whatever is currently in the news. I remember after a rough weekend (might have been the pay quasi convention fiasco) he claimed something about having friends all over the world that will drop everything at a moments notice to “party” with him yet is always alone whenever in public.


Stand Alone Fruit
No he doesn't, staler.
His “many people” that he knows are other twitter accounts he sees since he spends all his time on twitter. To him liking, tweeting at, or retweeting someone means they are real life friends and very close. This is how social media warps peoples minds to the point they believe their “followers” are actually people that look up to him and wait patiently for him to post so they can all like it as soon as possible.

I’ve mentioned it before but he really reminds me of the old Genesis song “Turn it On Again” about a guy who watches TV all day and believes the people he sees on the tv are his friends and family (“I can show you, I can show you, some of the people in my life”)


Chi non è con noi è contro di noi.