Owen A Forms Official NHL Playoffs thread

Faggot ass Maple Leafs fans celebrating a Stanley Cup win because they won one game. Kucherov hasn’t even woken up from his regular season slumber.
I should have included fuck the leafs in my post. Most fucking uppity faggoty fake confident fan base ever. Win something. I honestly don't have faith in the lightning this year. Leafs will fold up when the going gets physical once they face a panthers or canes team. Shit I even think this years adaptation of the Rags can body the leafs. Simmonds is a nigger.
All in wit my Hawks!

Hockey is the only sport where I go fair weather with my fandom. Hawks and Avs are my teams but the Hawks were a fucking mess this year so hopefully the Avs win the Cup.
You guys are in some fawwwwkin dark times right now franchise wise. You have 3 Cups to remember fondly, so ya have that. Never seen my favorite team outside the first round but twice. That fucking shit was in in 04. FUck tampa forever
Can't wait for the leafs to wreck the flames in the finals. 4 - 0 series prediction, Simmons fucks Mangiapane in his wop bussy
Big bad Zad or Guddy throw that body and your whole team goes in bitch mode. Let alone Tkachuk and Lucic or Coleman throwing dirty boardings. Hope Giordano slips on a banana peeel, it's on!


Shock Jock
I’ve tuned out of hockey the past few years because the Flyers are such a joke now.

Leafs will fold up when the going gets physical once they face a panthers or canes team.
Canes are physical now huh? I remember several years ago they were perhaps the softest group of eurofags the league had ever seen. I guess its cyclical.
I was so happy when I heard that annoying faggot Pierre McGuire took a job in the Sens front office and would no longer be able to ruin hockey broadcasts.
Yeah he was the fucking worst listening to him just slobber over crosby and malkin's cocks constantly. Faggot of the hockey century.


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I was gonna start a playoffs thread but figured no one cared lol. I don't have a team anymore but since I'm Canadian I still love watching playoff hockey. Loved the Clifford dirty hit/game misconduct. That's how you set the tone Happy Gilmore style