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Opie dropping truth hammers all day long

Opie seems like the kind of guy you could have a steak and a couple of shandies with at the neighborhood barbecue, make some small talk and completely forget about him the next day.
I agree, but I should also point out that those are some of the best people to know. I'd much rather have a beer, shoot the shit and fuck off than have some asshole wanting to hang out all the time and tell me about himself.


My rapist won’t return my calls anymore #metoo
The first thing I thought. I don’t think any of them realize just how irrelevant they are in 2023.
Ant still puts up numbers on YouTube and it’s funnier that it seems to be pirated clips. His LOS episodes still rank highly compared to other guests. Opie is 100% irrelevant and I’m assuming that Jim doesn’t do theaters anymore.