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I think you really nailed Boomia's "accent".

Also, when he said Jon never "loved" in the same state - didn't he live in Milwaukee right up until his untimely death?

Also, does Pat have an alibi for the time of Jon's death?
He's lying I can prove they lived in the same duplex with state records
I think it's just even more embarrassing that his duplex neighbor stole his wife while being married himself


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I know Pat is lying because I remember SpaceEdge posting the info abut Jon living there a while back but let's give Pat the benefit of the doubt here.

Pat says they never even lived in the same state but he also slandered Jon all over Twitter saying he abandoned his adopted son. Sounds like Pat did more than a little stalking of his own.

More importantly, that means Jon stole Pat's pregnant wife the first time he ever met her. In the space of one convention, which Pat also attended, Jon managed to convince this woman that, despite being pregnant with her husband's child, the best thing for her would be to leave and start a new life with a man who didn't even live in the same state. Good job completely embarrassing yourself, Pat!