Old O&A image archive


I went digging around the internet archive. the wnew site has some funny shit. The "visual component" has been a terrible idea for 3 decades , yet nana still thinks its a good idea

fawwkkking sick tits


thats before nana bought him tits i guess

Gay Faggot.

PERFORMING womanly DUTIES like a MAN!!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Fawk brothaman hate to see you go on a brief hiatus, your posts always smash my ribs.
I just found myself having a few road sodas then posting here too often. I used to never post after a few. Not a big deal, just a bad sign. I’ll still be reading and ribbing. I’ve accepted I can’t just quit this place. I would have missed hilarious shit in just the past few days if I had. I’m sure there’ll still be an occasional JoeH post I can’t help myself from doing. LIBTARDS will NEVER stop ME!!!!!!😎😎😎