Niki's HIPAA release forms


Have not been submitted to the forums as of this date.

But Rich Vos will be performing this Friday 4/5/24 at Dunellen Theatre, Dunellen, NJ. Doors open 7:15PM

Larry chimed in on "actual psycho" Patrick S. Tomlinson


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Oh my goodness!!!
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And I was nervous to @ him. Thought he'd be mean to me.
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don't I feel like the belle of da ball
So once again someone has witnesses to back up their version of Patrick's behavior and Patrick has... Everybody I don't like is a felon and a liar, trust me child. If you believe someone else you're contributing to my years long harasssment campaign by a cult.


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One of these guys is a successful author and one gets into these events by having the right politics to get booked on panels full of pedos.
fucked up and posted this in the wrong forms.
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Larry's a liar!
And then thinks this makes him more of a legit author than a guy selling many 100x more books.
“Son of a psychologist” What the fuck does that matter. My dad cut trees for a living. Does that mean I should get up on a fucking ladder and start trimming them myself?
Pat always claims expert authority based on proximity, it's why his velvet mouthed father has had 47 different jobs, so Pat can tell someone they are wrong based on his knowledge from someone else.

He has to do that because he has no accomplishments or experience in anything beyond drinking on the fart couch and denying his fatness.

Please, make no mistake, he is definitely fat and stupid.