Nana is clout chasing


never caught lackin
I made it about a minute in, then scrolled down to the comments. My takeaway is that there are alot of retards (no offense to the actual mentally disabled folks). He's gonna milk this Beyonce thing as long as he can.

Some of the comments I would like to submit;

"Ant is a national treasure. A 1 of 1"

"Those 17 minutes of the hold screen were HILARIOUS!!!!"

This nerd missed the point entirely , nice Arpeggio mention stupid,

"Western music as we know it was invented by European mathematicians like Pythagorus (spelling?). The piano. Equal temperment. You know how a 5th is 5th a 3rd is a 3rd etc. it all works out. Its GENIUS. Equal temperment. KEYS. Key of C etc. Pretty much. ALL Music as we know it."

Edit: Please report this video. Thank you and have a nice day
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I was chest-bumped, alroight!
Looks like he's got his egg on vibrate again.