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Monica Bellucci Appreciation Thread

The UnderCaker

Permanently Suspended
Even Jesus wanted to suck on those NON fakers.
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The UnderCaker

Permanently Suspended

Riccardo Bosi

hates pedophiles and pedophile protectors
So Jenna's infinite grace lands Monica her most high-profile role since 2015's Spectre and you guys are upset about it? Monica gets to work with her boyfriend, in the long-awaited sequel to a cult classic starring the biggest draw in Hollywood.

I'm the only one celebrating the news and not just posting decade-old pictures? Funny. Well welcome to #TeamOrtega, everyone's career gets a boost and Monica is no exception!
How does it feel knowing that Monica is going to mog young Jenna in that movie?

Someone please quote this, faggot jew has me blocked.