Missy Muscles is Offended by Trans People...


I was chest-bumped, alroight!
Missys BF (lol) paid for these

I think you figured out why somebody came up with the day. That's the entire point, stupid.

Where the fuck did I act like either of those things. I googled the day to see when it started. A light search is generally recommended before you go parroting nonsense. So I absolutely won't "be fair" to these retards.

Legitimately one of the most idiotic responses I've ever received.
You're taking it too personally. Why'd you think I was talking at you? I wasn't calling you a retard, if that's what you thought. I meant people getting upset about the whole thing.

Also, the day is stupid. Why does it need to be visible. If you know a tranny, great, have fun, if somebody doesn't want to, who cares? What does "visibility" even mean here?
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i know i'm stating the obvious her , but she's a retard. This is just to score political points for biden in an election year. "Missy" was never going to vote for biden so this impacts her vote in zero ways . However she's now posting it and spreading it for free "marketing" essentially. Think about how much money it would have cost the biden campaign to run ads, do calling, etc to make the undecided voters aware that biden is "trans friendly". Instead they just have Biden say some shit on easter, knowing the retards like missy will spread is organically for free and it cost the biden campaign nothing.

She's basically giving biden free campaign work.

Some think tank of nerds did data analytics on this and decided it would be more beneficial than harmful to bidens elections chances and missy muscles played right into it.

For all the shit trump was terrible at, he was very good at using the media as free marketing. Say somethign outrageous the media runs with it...
She's going to work as a 40 year old escort when Anthony dies