Lucy Lawless Appreciation Thread


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We need to shit post Lucy until everyone else loves her. I just bought the Evil Dead game DLC so I can play as Lucy. Flawless Lawless for the win!

"A former Dark One herself, she is a natural leader who can still use her evil abilities to consume the souls of her enemies"


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If Lucy ever wanted to be double teamed i will call you, I wouldn't even mind if our dicks "accidentally" touched.

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You’re a true brotherman.

I bet Helen of Troy looked like Lucy.

"In The Iliad, Paris is responsible for starting the Trojan War because he kidnapped Helen, the wife of King Menelaos, and the Greeks go to Troy to get her back.

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Damn! That unwashed ancient Trojan pussy was worth killing hundreds of people over if it looked like the Goddess.
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That’s fake! Please delete or you’ll hear from my attorneys!

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Treeky, it looks real to me. I’m sorry for hurting you by saying this, but you need to admit that the holy trinity, consisting of Ricci, Lucy and Bellucci, are sexy. The Alliance, like the nWo, is 4 Life! I want to sue That Chick from Paramore for drinking beer through a straw like a 15 year old retard. She cute tho.

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