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Furthermore, Opie was the only faggot on the show I remember being genuinely offended by a bit, the Lacy Peterson jokes.
I was listening to a clip the other day where he brought the show to a screeching halt just to ask why the boys thought Lacy Peterson was so funny.
"Guys c'mon, why does it always go back to Lacy Peterson? C'mon guys, I gotta know."
And Norton's hilarious response,
"Because they named it."
I repeat, suck a dick dre.


Still spreading the O&A virus
Looks like the first thing that came to your mind was a clunky, unfunny response. Just like your hero Gregg. If you really want to be like him, eat some boogers.
As opposed to Norton who takes AIDS loads in his infected fag asshole? And let male prostitutes urinate and defecate into his mouth and on his chest then bragged about it on air? Yet you're offended if a guy picks his nose?

Go listen to the Chip Podcast, faggot.


:image_9248: Hey ant?

:image_9249:Yes yimmy?

:image_9248: I’m going to make a user name and call it lasagna leap year!

:image_9249: Oh yimmy!